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Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy – built on Accountability, Transparency and Expectations,the professionals at TFR believe in having a thorough understanding of our client’s risk tolerance profile and then “controlling what you can control.” Our Investment Committee has over eighty (80) combined years of investment experience with credible knowledge in most all financial products.

TFR advisors obtain each client’s unique investment risk profile through the use of in-depth risk tolerance tools in order to create a specific Investment Policy Statement (IPS). These investment strategy tools provide our clients with clear objectives and expectations that are unique to their individual goals. As such, the Investment Policy Statement is subject to regular review and adjustment as the client’s objectives and circumstances change. Throughout this ongoing process, our mission is to educate the client to ensure they are well-informed as to the current level of risk exposure to their investment capital.

Guidance – No investment professional knows for sure which direction the global securities markets are heading, and there are no guarantees in these types of investments. However, at TFR, we are dedicated to controlling what we can control for our clients:

  • Your exposure to the various markets through proper allocation
  • Your fees and expenses as related to advisor management
  • Your liquidity needs and exposure to taxable distributions
  • Your timeline of investment duration and future lump sum needs

Custom Portfolios – At TFR, we build custom portfolios with sound, back-tested discipline. Our client’s investment positions are the result of a personalized Investment Policy Statement built by pinpointing our client’s objectives, expectations, life circumstances, and risk tolerance. Through this tedious process, we can establish a clear risk allocation that is both trackable and accountable.

The team of professionals at TFR is dedicated to providing open communication and regular updates to our clients. Our in-house Investment Portfolio Team creates and delivers a “This Week in Your Portfolio” email whenever a portfolio position changes, whether it is a “buy” or “sell” transaction. In addition, the TFR Portfolio Management Team provides detailed investment outlook through our semi-annual “State of the Market” white paper, as well as our quarterly newsletters.

Not everything provided by a wealth management firm can be measured on a spreadsheet or performance report, but some things sure can! TFR’s Investment Management Team and Portfolio Managers are dedicated to the responsibility of respecting your hard-earned money, and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust in providing the highest degree of comprehensive investment services.