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Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Wealth management and financial planning entails establishing clear objectives, organizing efficient structure, prioritizing steps, and implementing action to your financial goals. In order to effectively formulate this plan, TFR encourages its clients to be fully engaged during the process through a series of initial face-to-face appointments coordinated with the client’s unique timeline in mind. The end result will be an understandable, comprehensive, “living” plan with specific goals and action items. Our broad knowledge of financial products, and our ability to coordinate other professionals, will enhance the plan and establish a bedrock foundation for your financial success. Our mission of Transparency, Expectations, and Accountability are the foundation of this service. 

Family Leadership

Families with wealth are rightfully concerned with the growth, sustainability, and governance of their assets. TFR’s Family Leadership services assist in the development and implementation of the Family Leadership Committee. This committee structure is designed and implemented to ensure sound decision-making principles in regards to your financial legacy. TFR will objectively analyze your family’s current decision-making guidelines and ask the tough questions in order to pinpoint any potential challenges that may need to be addressed.

We are truly committed to know and understand the families we serve at TFR, and this “softer side” of family wealth management is what sets us apart from other firms. We are intentional about creating a positive, interactive, environment where our clients enjoy the time spent on the dreams, plans, and results attained through Legacy Planning.

Risk Management & Estate Planning

At TFR, we believe these two financial areas go hand-in-hand during life’s journey. A major component of comprehensive wealth management is the coordination of a risk management profile with a properly structured estate plan. By bringing together other professionals in a coordinated effort to maximize planning opportunities, we take the necessary time to ensure our clients “close the gaps” in their insurance structure (Risk Management) and estate planning strategies. Attorneys, accountants, and insurance agents/providers all have responsibilities in this area and can bring valuable resources to the overall planning process. TFR advisors will also work together with our client’s other professional advisors to create, coordinate, and implement a proper planning strategy.

Tools in the TFR Toolbox

As an independent wealth management and investment advisory firm, we have access to any and all financial, investment, and insurance products. As such, we do not have any vendor relationships that could hinder the advice or services we provide to our clients. Whether it is a complex estate planning situation or a college education savings objective, TFR has the ability and commitment to provide the right product or planning solution. At TFR, it is all about you, our client!