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Michael Crawford

Michael Crawford

Wealth Management Advisor

Michael is a born and raised Texan with a Texas-sized passion to help people succeed in life. Before joining TFR, Michael spent nearly 10 years in various roles within the credit and personal finance industry, including owning his own successful business. His dedicated work ethic, people-centered personality, and 20 years professional experience give him a well-developed toolbox suited for the collaborative environment that exists at TFR.

In all that he does, Michael tries to adhere to three bedrock principles:

  1. Be a fountain, not a drain
  2. Give more value than you receive in return
  3. Always be faithful in the little things

When he is not in ‘TFR mode’ you will find Michael spending time with his wife of 20 years and their three children, on the field coaching baseball, or continuing his professional development in Business Management from Mid-America Christian University.